Jade hangings
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2 Hangings purchased together for $95 each

Two presumably Tibetan or Burmese hangings with hand-carved jade Buddhist symbols (the one with beige tassel - with a dragon symbol, and the one with a yellow tassel - with vajra symbol), decorated with metal, wooden, and gemstone beads, and tassels at the bottom.
Buddhist hangings are intended to be placed on the wall or in the doors for protection.

The hanging with a beige tassel has a symbol of a dragon twisted its body to a circle. Dragon in Buddhism is one of the Four Dignities. The Four Dignities are mythical animals that stand for various aspects of Boddhisattva life. Other three dignities are Tiger, Snow lion, and Garuda. Dragons are protectors of Buddhism whose thunderous voices awaken people from delusion. Hanging with a dragon is said to protect one from slander.

Jade dragons are very common in Asia through Chinese influence. Jade dragon is particularly common in the jade carving craft. Confucius described jade as soft smooth and glossy, appearing to men like benevolence. Balancing the jade is the power of the dragon, which symbolises fire, strength and activity. The jade dragon embodies these qualities and represents man’s continual pursuit of balance, well-being and contentment.

The hanging with a beige tassel has a vajra symbol. Vajra is a ritual object extensively employed in Buddhist ceremonies. It is the symbol of the Vajrayāna school of Buddhism. Vajrayāna is one of the three major branches of Buddhism. Vajra, in Sanskrit, has both the meanings of "thunderbolt" and "diamond", and Vajrayana is translated as "Thunderbolt Way" or "Diamond Way" and can imply the thunderbolt experience of Buddhist enlightenment or bodhi. It also implies indestructibility, just as diamonds are harder than other gemstones.

Both hangings are decorated with small metal bells. In Buddhism bells have many important meanings, and small bells symbolize them. Bells in Buddhism are often used as a call to prayer as they can be heard even at great distances. The ring of the bells represent the heavenly enlightened voice of the Buddha teaching the dharma and can also be used as a call for protection and as a way to ward off evil spirits.
Height:  39     Width:      Depth:     
The central symbolic piece is hand-carved from jade (nephrite jade) and is put on the string, decorated with gemstone, wooden, and metal beads, and a tassel.